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Themes for Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman and Alexander (Lex) Luthor
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7th-Jun-2017 01:05 pm - CLex Fic Recs: Master List
NOTE: These are not all-inclusive lists. These recommendations are for stories I have enjoyed and that stand out to me in storyline, turn of phrase, impact, and/or emotional satisfaction. Some stories may appear on more than one list. I will add to the lists when I have time. Although I welcome suggestions here, please don't be offended if I choose not to include them. Ultimately, they're my recommendations.

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Updates will be noted in comments, set tracking on this entry to receive update information.

For additional CLex Theme Lists see theme_clex_recs!!!

Please use this entry for all comments and suggestions. NOTE: I will not be adding any new lists, just updating the existing as needed. Thanks!

For additional CLex Theme Lists see theme_clex_recs!!!

15th-Feb-2010 03:24 pm - Fic Recs: President Luthor
Fics where Lex being the President of the United States is a major point in the story.

President LuthorCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
17th-Jun-2007 03:15 pm - Fic Recs: Towel Day!
Fics where a towel plays a supporting role.

Towel Day!Collapse )

Last Update: 12/10/2014
17th-Jun-2007 03:13 pm - Fic Recs: Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Fics where driving, owning or doing something in (or on) a car is a major point in the story.

Baby, You Can Drive My CarCollapse )

Last Update: 12/07/2014
17th-Jun-2007 03:11 pm - Fic Recs: Happy Holidays!
Fics that are set on or around a holiday.

Happy Holidays!Collapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
17th-Jun-2007 03:08 pm - Fic Recs: The Longer The Better
Fics or Series over 40000 words. Note: There may be warnings on individual fics for mpreg, non-cons, dark, BDSM.

The Longer The BetterCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
Fics where Clark and/or Lex have children. Either may be single parents.

Daddy's Gonna Buy You A MockingbirdCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2013
17th-Jun-2007 02:49 pm - Fic Recs: Somebody Save Me
Fics where Clark saves Lex or Lex saves Clark or they save each other.

Somebody Save MeCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
17th-Jun-2007 02:19 pm - Fic Recs: Always Meant To Be
Fics where Clark and Lex have been together from childhood or since high school or slowly come together after a long friendship/courtship.

Always Meant to BeCollapse )

Last Update 12/14/2014
17th-Jun-2007 02:18 pm - Fic Recs: Grins And Giggles
Fics to make you laugh and you're in luck, some are pretty damn hot.

Grins and GigglesCollapse )

Last Update: 12/08/2014
Fics where Clark's and Lex's roles / gender / bodies / ages are reversed. (Episodes: Transference, Leech, Spirit)

Upside Down, Backwards and Totally ConfusedCollapse )

Last Update: 12/06/2014
17th-Jun-2007 01:51 pm - Fic Recs: Cream, Two Sugars
Fics that are light and sweet and that make you happy without explicit sex (PG-13 or below).

Cream, Two SugarsCollapse )

Last Update: 12/10/2014
Fics where Lex and Clark were friends or lovers, were apart and then get back together.

Pardon Me, But Haven't We Met Before?Collapse )

Last Update: 12/11/2014
17th-Jun-2007 01:07 pm - Fic Recs: Darkness, Tears, Rage, Over
Fics where the CLex has ended permanently. Lex and/or Clark are dead or broken and can't be fixed, have turned evil, have broken up forever, or the Rift continues. These are not happy endings.

Darkness, Tears, Rage, OverCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
Fics where Clark and Lex share with another.

Two's Company, Three's...A Lot More FunCollapse )

Last Update: 12/08/2014
17th-Jun-2007 12:17 pm - Fic Recs: Let's Pretend!
Fics where Clark / Lex pretend to be gay / married / engaged / not lovers, then things change.

Let's PretendCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
17th-Jun-2007 09:51 am - Fic Recs: Every Breath You Take
Fics that show obsessive Lex / Clark stalking, watching, monitoring, claiming, marking territory or jealous. (Episodes: Forsaken, Bound)

Every Breath You TakeCollapse )

Last Update: 12/08/2014
17th-Jun-2007 09:36 am - Fic Recs: What An Ordeal!
Fics centered around torture, pain, imprisonment of Lex and/or Clark.

What An OrdealCollapse )

Last Update: 12/10/2014
17th-Jun-2007 09:32 am - Fic Recs: No Time Like the Present
Fics involving time travel, alternate timelines, past lives, or manipulating time in any way. Warning: Character deaths (minor and major) are often the catalyst for time travel.

No Time Like The PresentCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
17th-Jun-2007 09:28 am - Fic Recs: At The Movies
Fics that are based on or rewrites / adaptions / remixes of movies and television episodes (not SV).

At the MoviesCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
17th-Jun-2007 09:21 am - Fic Recs: Let Me Take Care Of You
Fics that have an physically/mentally injured or sick Lex / Clark being taken care of by the other or taking care of each other. May be cross-posted to Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies or Pardon Me, But Haven't We Met Before? or Somebody Save Me .

Let Me Take Care Of YouCollapse )

Last Update 12/12/2014
17th-Jun-2007 04:34 am - Fic Recs: Losing Power
Fics where main theme is Clark lost/is losing one or more of his powers either temporarily or permanently.(Episodes: Leech, Witness, Perry, Whisper, Mortal, Hidden)

Losing PowerCollapse )

Last Update: 12/11/2014
17th-Jun-2007 04:29 am - Fic Recs: X Marks The Spot
Fics where Smallville crosses over with another universe.

X Marks The SpotCollapse )

Last Update: 12/10/2014
17th-Jun-2007 04:27 am - Fic Recs: Men At Work
Fics where Lex and/or Clark aren't working as businessman and reporter.

Men at WorkCollapse )

Last Update 12/14/2014
Fics where loss of virginity / first time (m/m) for Clark or Lex (or both) is a main theme. May be cross-posted with Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies.

Touched for the Very First TimeCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
Fics where main theme is centered around Clark's / Lex's secrets, either telling them or keeping them or after being exposed. May be cross-posted to You Must Remember This.

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No LiesCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
Fics where Clark and/or Lex are overlords (or resisting invaders/overlords) on or off Earth. (Episodes: Exile, Covenant, Commencement, Arrival, Solitude, Vessel, Zod)

All Hail the Conquering HeroCollapse )

Last Update: 09/30/2014
Fics where Clark has an alien difference like bonding / physical feature / behavior. If it is only the ability to get pregnant see Daddy's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird.

That's Different! - Alien!ClarkCollapse )

Last Update: 12/14/2014
9th-Jun-2007 04:57 pm - Fic Recs: School Daze
Fics where a school assignment brings Clark and Lex together / Clark and Lex meet at college / Clark at college is a major point in story. (Episodes: Drone, Recruit)

School DazeCollapse )

Last Update: 09/28/2014
9th-Jun-2007 04:56 pm - Fic Recs: Myth and Magic
Fics where Clark and/or Lex are/appear to be magic or mythical creatures or are affected by them. (Episodes: Hug, Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Crusade, Blank)

Myth and MagicCollapse )

Last Update: 09/28/2014
8th-Jun-2007 03:02 pm - Fic Recs: Ooooh, That's Kinky!
Fics centered around references to fetishes / kinks / makeup / crossdressing / bondage / etc.

Oooh, How Kinky!Collapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
8th-Jun-2007 02:59 pm - Fic Recs: You Must Remember This
Fics where Clark / Lex have amnesia or memory problems. (Episodes: Hug, Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Crusade, Blank) May be cross-posted with Under The Influence.

You Must Remember ThisCollapse )

Last Update: 09/26/2014
8th-Jun-2007 02:48 pm - Fic Recs: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Fics about Cool, cold weather or effects of the cold.

Baby, It's Cold OutsideCollapse )

Last Update: 09/26/2014
8th-Jun-2007 02:39 pm - Fic Recs: Some Like It Hot
Fics that are related to Heat, heat vision or caused by heat or hot weather.

Some Like it HotCollapse )

Last Update: 09/26/2014
8th-Jun-2007 02:37 pm - Fic Recs: Once Upon A Time
Fics that are historical or fairy tales.

Once Upon a TimeCollapse )

Last Update: 08/17/2015
Fics where insomnia, sleep, dreams, and visions play a part. (Episodes: Hourglass, Obscura, Relic, Slumber, Hereafter, Scare, Lexmas)

To Sleep Perchance to DreamCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
8th-Jun-2007 12:38 pm - Fic Recs: Under The Influence
Fics where either Clark or Lex is under the influence of illicit or experimental drugs or alcohol and it significantly impacts the story. (Episodes: Nicodemus, Kinetic, Witness, Shattered, Truth, Devoted)

Under the InfluenceCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
7th-Jun-2007 01:58 pm - Fic Recs: Red!Clark
Fics where Clark is affected by Red Kryptonite. (Episodes: Red, Rush, Exodus, Exile, Phoenix, Unsafe, Crimson)

Red!ClarkCollapse )

Last Update: 12/13/2014
7th-Jun-2007 01:47 pm - Fic Recs: Bruce / Lex / Clark
Fics where Bruce is a major character in addition to Clark and Lex.

Bruce / Lex / ClarkCollapse )

Last Update 12/13/2014
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