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Themes for Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman and Alexander (Lex) Luthor
Fic Recs: Bruce / Lex / Clark 
7th-Jun-2007 01:47 pm
Fics where Bruce is a major character in addition to Clark and Lex.

In alphabetical order by title. No WIPs or locked journal entries (I may miss a few because I'm friended).

Entries may be locked on AO3 - contact ssa.archivist@gmail.com for an invite.

Don't forget to leave feedback/kudos for the author if you enjoy a story! :-D

If you have others you'd like to recommend, please comment and I'll update this list if it fits the criteria. Thanks!

A Close Call by moonprincessnat PG-13 (7903 words)

Being near Lex again after time apart reignites Clark's feelings for his friend.

A First Time for Everything by lexalot NC-17 (5624 words)

If it wasn't for Bruce...no CLex.

A Mad Season by dolimir_k R (22683 words)

They had both failed to save Lex the first time. This time was going to be different.

Ad Aspera Per Astra by zaganthi and tzigane NC-17 (69774 words) Warning: non-cons Not CLex

Clark and Lex forge an unbreakable bond that transcends the horror of their lives.

All Yours by roxymissrose NC-17 (11677 words)

Lex runs to Gotham to find what he never knew he was missing.

Another Time and Another Place, Books 1 and 2 by danceswithgary NC-17 (48283 words)

An intergalactic agent falls for the human he's investigating.

At The Bright Pane Surrounded and The Lucky Manby sageness NC-17 (6600 words)

Lex watches Clark and Bruce, years after the Rift. He has his reasons.

As Old As Time by hils R (9784 words)

Newspaper intern Clark Kent finds more than a story about 'strange events' in Smallville.

Authorized Autobiographies of Lex and Clark by Catlover and Peach peach1250 NC-17 (70915 words)

Bruce helps Lex save Clark from imprisonment and its aftereffects.

Bending near the Earth by bev_crusher1971 NC-17 (76437 words)

There's a new John Doe in Gotham and he needs to remember what's important.

Blackout by jlvsclrk PG-13 (28983 words)

A year after Arrival, metahumans have no constitutional rights and chaos is spreading. Lex teams up with Bruce and Lois to free Chloe from Belle Reve and find his missing friend.

Bodies in Motion by fajrdrako NC-17 (15054 words)

Seduction at the ballet, the three do a little dirty dancing of their own, Bruce has issues.

Brothers and Heroes by roxymissrose NC-17 (104789 words)

Growing up with Bruce as a brother causes difficulties for Clark. It doesn't help that they're both in love with Lex.

Building the Future by ladyra NC-17 (104471 words)

Lex's father dies, sending him to Metropolis; Clark gets kidnapped; Tony is fed up, quits NCIS, and decides to go visit his cousin, Martha, in Smallville; and Gibbs wonders what the hell happened to his life.

Complicated by lvera_01 PG (7211 words)

Clark has seen Lex with his lovers before. The only difference here is that he may like Bruce.

Different Shape of Being by Perryvic and zaganthi NC-17 (62844 words)

Lex as a superhero, Clark finds what he needs, Bruce is dark manipulator (big surprise, not).

Dis Pater Knonus and Dis Pater Jupiter by roxymissrose NC-17 (112000 words) Warning: non-cons(not CLex)

Lex and Lucas grow up together. The extent of the damage to Lex and Clark and Bruce that a warped Lucas causes is revealed in a dark story about obsession and redemption.

Down The Rabbit Hole by mistressace NC-17 (12015 words)

Clark discovers circuit parties, Bruce teaches him more and then Lex benefits.

East of the Sun by roxymissrose NC-17 (109000 words) Warning: non-cons(not CLex)

The Smallville gang live very different lives in a historical AU based in the big band era.

Eidolon helvum by velvetglove NC-17 (15961 words)

A visit from a young Bruce Wayne is the catalyst between Clark and Lex.

Exiled by roxymissrose NC-17 (31245 words)

Jealousy. Bruce gets what Lex wants. I chose the happy ending.

Faint Hopes and Wishes by Polly Bywater NC-17 (17945 words)

More than one drunken confession results in outing Clark and Lex.

Family Portrait by zaganthi and tzigane NC-17 (130629 words)

The Kents become the guardians of orphaned Lex. He and Clark grow up together, their love always meant to be legendary.

Gambits by Lady Angel dameange NC-17 (6500 words)

A lighter fic, some fun with Dick and Clark, some heat with Lex and Clark. And a masquerade ball!

Gambling on Destiny by danceswithgary PG-13 (4110 words)

Lex tries to beat the odds with help from an old friend.

Guardian Devil by Raythe NC-17 (137736 words)

Lex protects Clark, thus exposing his own inhuman powers.

Gotham Underground by shaggirl NC-17 (31000 words)

Lex and Bruce save Clark from Lionel's evil plans.

Haunted by quiet__tiger NC-17 (18839)

Lex tells Clark about the boy who broke his heart.

Hiding in Plain Sight by Sorrel sorrelchestnut NC-17 (8080 words)

"Huh," Clark says, unimpressed. "Personally, I think that they're all schizos with delusions of grandeur who have a thing for tights. Lex adores Superman, Clark not so much.

Idyllic Life by Perryvic and zaganthi NC-17 (374928 words)

Lex Luthor and Clark Kent were always meant to be together.

Kitsunegari by Basingstoke R (6238 words)

When Clark goes missing on the way home from school, Lex calls in an old friend for help.

Lab Tests by Joolz NC-17 (27377 words)

After five years apart, a sick friend brings Lex and Clark back together to try again.

Love and Pain by Betsanne betsanne NC-17 (21582 words) Warning: non-cons (not CLex

When Lex rejects Clark's confession of love, the result is a broken Clark rescued by Bruce.

Manipulating Fate by magdelena1969 PG-13 (1818 words)

Bruce has a plan. Lex needs a Superman.

Mind Series by by Creed and TJNC-17 (132723 words)

Meeting of the Minds
Mind Games
State of Mind
Losing Your Mind

Bruce steps in to help when a baby complicates things for Clark and Lex who are telepathically bonded.

No Darker Than Yours by Rivka T rivkat NC-17 (50768 words)

I love long stories that show a progression through states of emotion, especially when they end well. This one goes through a lot of angst first and has a badly hurt Lex.

No Rest For These Tired Eyes by in_the_bottle PG-13 (15940 words)

Death changes everything. This one has a scene that threatens to break my heart every time, but it's all good.

Nothing But Air by danceswithgary NC-17 (21617 words)

Some people believe that a friendship can wear out like tires. There's only just so much mileage in them, and then you're left riding around on nothing but air. Other people know better than that.

Ordinal Series by Hecubus NC-17 (38039 words)

Lex sends the Kents to Bruce when Lionel makes his move.

Possession Series by Gothgirl aka goth_clark NC-17 (41591 words)
Business Proposition
I Am Yours
My Enemy, My Friend

Sex and power games of the wealthy, can Clark learn to play too?

Protection by Kel aka kelex NC-17 (6159 words)

Clark knows what Lex needs whether Bruce likes it or not.

Redemption by meyari NC-17 (35277 words) Warning: non-cons(not CLex)

After escaping from Lionel's clutches, Lex and Clark heal with the help of Bruce.

Running Series by Annie R
Run (336 words)
Running (3943 words)
Running Interference (4555 words)
Running on Empty (538 words)
Running Mates (2764 words)

Afraid, Clark ran. Knowing he'd been wrong to leave Lex, he calls Bruce in to help him get Lex free.

Sex and the Single Superhero NC-17 (11828 words)

When Lex returns to Metropolis after years abroad, Clark gets some less than helpful dating advice from Bruce.

Shadows and Stone Series by Lacey McBain laceymcbain NC-17 (133000 words)

Bruce/Lex/Clark Starts at Excelsior and sweeps through to Justice League.

Strange and Beautiful and Touched by dm_wyatt NC-17 (17000 words) Warning: non-cons

Lex's plan to keep Superman for himself has its drawbacks.

Stuck Between Heaven and Hell by mahaliem PG-13 (10304 words)

Lex is haunted by Clark after Superman's fight with Doomsday.

Superman Revealed by Am-Chau Yarkona NC-17 (20011 words)

"You're leading a double life, Clark—more than that, a triple life. You cannot, you *must* not mix them up, and you can't blame me if I get upset when you do."

The Main Difference And None At All by romanyg NC-17 (6113 words)

A temporary truce leads to long-awaited pleasure and possibilities.

The Oak and the Cypress by Mirtai NC-17 (184640 words)

Epic tale of a love that spans continents and and years, culminating in the creation of Superman.

The Other by AlexisBroken NC-17 (1285 words)

Sometimes you shouldn't get everything you want.

Triptych and Tierce by aklani teresakay NC-17 (42000 words)

Grief can make for unexpected bedfellows, forgiveness can let you keep them.

Ulterior Motives by Shalott aka astolat NC-17 (18924 words)

Trying to make it back together despite the odds and interfering 'friends'.

Welcome to the Fun House by roxymissrose NC-17 (2742 words)

Clark's curiosity about the noises in Lex's study gets the best of him, and then Lex gets the best of Clark.

What He Knew by ddayspring PG-13 (11841 words) Warning: mpreg

An unexpectedly pregnant Superman relies on an old friend for help.

You And Me, Baby (Or Lex Luthor's Big Score) by supercaptain182 PG-13 (8863 words) Warning: mpreg

Lex finds out that one night with his ex-husband best friend had unforeseen consequences and he wants what he's been missing.

Zero Effects by danceswithgary R (12361 words)

For Lex, each day is a new beginning. He has no choice.

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