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CLex Fic Recs: Master List

NOTE: These are not all-inclusive lists. These recommendations are for stories I have enjoyed and that stand out to me in storyline, turn of phrase, impact, and/or emotional satisfaction. Some stories may appear on more than one list. I will add to the lists when I have time. Although I welcome suggestions here, please don't be offended if I choose not to include them. Ultimately, they're my recommendations.

Clark / Lex / Bruce : Bruce is a major character.

Red!Clark : The effects of red Krytonite. (Episodes: Red, Rush, Exodus, Exile, Phoenix, Unsafe, Crimson)

Under the Influence : Drunk or Drugged. (Episodes: Nicodemus, Kinetic, Witness, Shattered, Truth, Devoted)

To Sleep Perchance to Dream : Insomnia, Sleep, Dreams, and Visions. (Episodes: Hourglass, Obscura, Relic, Slumber, Hereafter, Scare, Lexmas)

Once Upon A Time : Historicals and Fairy Tales.

Some Like It Hot : Hot weather, effects of heat or fire, heat vision. (Episodes: Heat, Hothead)

Baby, It's Cold Outside : Cold weather, effects of cold, freezing breath. (Episodes: Cool)

You Must Remember This : Temporary or permanent amnesia. (Episodes: Hug, Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Crusade, Blank)

Oooh, How Kinky! : BDSM, voyeurism, cross-dressing, phone sex, miscellaneous.

Myth and Magic : Spells, demons, angels, vampires, werewolves, other. (Episode: Jinx, Spell, Thirst, Hypnotic)

School Daze : While at college, school assignments. (Episodes: Drone, Recruit)

That's Different! - Alien!Clark : Alien differences beyond powers.

All Hail the Conquering Hero : Alien Overlord (Clark or Lex). (Episodes: Exile, Covenant, Commencement, Arrival, Solitude, Vessel, Zod)

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies : Keeping or revealing secrets is major story point.

Touched for the Very First Time : Virgin Clark / Virgin Lex.

Men at Work : Other jobs.

X Marks the Spot : Crossovers with TV, Movies, or Books.

Losing Power : Clark loses one or more powers temporarily or permanently. (Episodes: Leech, Witness, Perry, Whisper, Mortal, Hidden)

Let Me Take Care Of You : Hurt/Comfort.

At The Movies : Movie/TV Remixes.

No Time Like The Present : Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions.

What An Ordeal : Torture Clark / Torture Lex.

Every Breath You Take : Obsession, jealousy, stalking, possessive. (Episodes: Forsaken, Bound)

Let's Pretend : Fake marriage, fake gay, fake straight, fake other.

Two's Company, Three's...A Lot More Fun : Multiple partners.

Darkness, Tears, Rage, Over : Permanent rift, turning to evil, death.

Pardon Me, But Haven't We Met Before? : Reconciliation.

Cream, Two Sugars : Light and Sweet.

Upside Down, Backwards and Totally Confused : Switching bodies, genders, roles, into animals, de-aging. (Episodes: Transference, Leech, Spirit)

Grins and Giggles : Humor.

Always Meant To Be : Longtime relationship.

Somebody Save Me : Rescues.

Daddy's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird : Family and Mpreg.

The Longer The Better : Epics.

Happy Holidays! : Holidays.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car : Driving or in a car is major theme.

Towel Day! : Celebrating Douglas Adams with stories containing very important towels.

President Luthor : Lex as US President is major theme.

No further suggestions on lists, please.

I will not be adding any new lists, but other comments and suggestions are welcome here. Thanks!

Last Update: 02/15/2010

Updates will be noted in comments, set tracking on this entry to receive update information.

For additional CLex Theme Lists see theme_clex_recs!!!

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