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Themes for Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman and Alexander (Lex) Luthor
Fic Recs: No Time Like the Present 
17th-Jun-2007 09:32 am
Fics involving time travel, alternate timelines, past lives, or manipulating time in any way. Warning: Character deaths (minor and major) are often the catalyst for time travel.

In alphabetical order by title. No WIPs or locked journal entries (I may miss a few because I'm friended).

Entries may be locked on AO3 - contact ssa.archivist@gmail.com for an invite.

Don't forget to leave feedback/kudos for the author if you enjoy a story! :-D

If you have others you'd like to recommend, please comment and I'll update this list if it fits the criteria. Thanks!

A Memory of Waking by seperis R (7943 words)

All the permutations bleed through one night in the very different future.

All This Time by pepperjackcandy PG-13 (3008 words)

After Rosetta (in a world without Helen), Clark is having disturbing dreams.

Always With You and Caged by peach1250 Age-restricted must enter at author level and select Caged from list NC-17 (7550 words)

An experiment takes Lex back to the day of the meteor showers.

Ascension by liviapenn PG (6753 words)

A glimpse of the future in the hope it can change, that Lex can change.

Being Superman by hazelthewitch NC-17 (9390 words)

Clark wished he was older. Then he wished he could take that wish back.

Busy Bodies by mahaliem R (9000 words)

This was all Superman's fault, Lex decided. If that stupid alien had stopped him from stealing a copy of himself from another universe, this never would've happened.

But For Love by Jade NC-17 (32988 words)

Clark needs to keep going back until he gets it right, then it's Lex's turn to try.

Choices by Chris J. Uberall aka gnulfy PG (6592 words)

Some choices can mean the difference between life and death.

Convergence by bethos R (25441 words)

Dr. Hamilton's experiments on the meteor rocks have an unanticipated side effect that threatens to destroy the very fabric of space and time.

Deuxieme Chance by peach1250 NC-17 (16142 words)

It's time for a second chance.

Execution 'Verse by tallihensia PG (20350 words)

Lex Luthor is in prison, about to be executed for his crimes against humanity. Or is he? ... 200 years in the future, can Lex and Clark come to a reconciliation when their past is long behind them?

From Dust to Ashes Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by shadowstar_gzan NC-17 (12403 words) Warning: character death

It's the End and it's not at all what Clark thought it would be. And when given the chance to change things for the better, he will.

Genesis by rivkat NC-17 (11088 words)

"Those who control the past, control the future." Clark's plan to go back and kill Lex needed to change.

In the Western Night by dogpoet aka garryowen NC-17 (2741 words) Warning: character death and disturbing content

Lex learns too late and forces a second chance.

Leap With Both Feet (The Time Lex Time Traveled) by SC182 supercaptain182 NC-17 (16438 words) Warning: mpreg

One shot to save his future and the son he has never known. Of course, Lex takes it.

Looking Glass Country by astolat (19081 words)

He was pretty sure he'd figured out the situation: either he'd lost a chunk of memory, or he'd just gone through a Star Trek-swap and any minute now Clark would fly by wearing a goatee.

Manipulating Fate by magdelena1969 PG-13 (1818 words)

Bruce has a plan. Lex needs a Superman.

Nonstop to Nowhere and Nowhere and Back Again by zaganthi and tzigane NC-17 (78109 words) Warning: Character death in one universe

Lex ends up with two Clarks after tragedy strikes in an alternate universe.

Not In My Kansas by goth_clark NC-17 (20770 words)

Waking up in the next dimension over can really be a pain.

Predestiny by suzvoy R (3887 words)

Lex will kill himself with a bomb he built five hundred and forty three years ago.

Prophet of Eden by Destino Fortunato aka destina NC-17 (19813 words)

Lex is going to keep going back until he gets it right.

Second Chances by hoperoy PG-13 (11870 words)

Discouraged on his thirtieth birthday, Lex makes a wish.

See What's Become of Me by Aklani aka teresakay NC-17 (5687 words)

Echoes from the future disturb the past.

Skipping Stones by Lydia aka vinca531 NC-17 (8275 words)

Clark finds out what life would be like if he wasn't with Lex.

Smallville Day by Ballistic Liz aka ballisticliz NC-17 (112405 words)

Sometimes you just have to keep doing something over until you get it right.

The Fourth Dimension by kirana aka balinesenoneko PG-13 (10739 words)

If you could turn back time, if you could find a way, would you?

The Haze of Time Recalled by danceswithgary R (1487 words)

Sometimes a dream can mean everything.

Through the Looking Glass by Meridian aka "meri_oddities"> NC-17 (10421 words)

Sometimes fixing the future can be a little awkward.

Twisted Fairytales by feygan NC-17 (44158 words)

A message from the broken future changes the past. Now maybe there can be a real future.

Two Years From Tomorrow by danceswithgary PG-13 (13448 words)

A letter from the future leads the way to love.

Under Rug Swept by ingridmatthews PG-13 (4765 words)

History has its way -- hearts have their own.

"Until the Twelfth Of Never" by iibnf NC-17 (9315 words) Warning: character death

There are a lot of stories where both Clark and Lex are immortal. There are two sides to immortality.

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