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Themes for Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman and Alexander (Lex) Luthor
CLex Fic Recs: Master List 
7th-Jun-2017 01:05 pm
NOTE: These are not all-inclusive lists. These recommendations are for stories I have enjoyed and that stand out to me in storyline, turn of phrase, impact, and/or emotional satisfaction. Some stories may appear on more than one list. I will add to the lists when I have time. Although I welcome suggestions here, please don't be offended if I choose not to include them. Ultimately, they're my recommendations.

Clark / Lex / Bruce : Bruce is a major character.

Red!Clark : The effects of red Krytonite. (Episodes: Red, Rush, Exodus, Exile, Phoenix, Unsafe, Crimson)

Under the Influence : Drunk or Drugged. (Episodes: Nicodemus, Kinetic, Witness, Shattered, Truth, Devoted)

To Sleep Perchance to Dream : Insomnia, Sleep, Dreams, and Visions. (Episodes: Hourglass, Obscura, Relic, Slumber, Hereafter, Scare, Lexmas)

Once Upon A Time : Historicals and Fairy Tales.

Some Like It Hot : Hot weather, effects of heat or fire, heat vision. (Episodes: Heat, Hothead)

Baby, It's Cold Outside : Cold weather, effects of cold, freezing breath. (Episodes: Cool)

You Must Remember This : Temporary or permanent amnesia. (Episodes: Hug, Shattered, Asylum, Memoria, Crusade, Blank)

Oooh, How Kinky! : BDSM, voyeurism, cross-dressing, phone sex, miscellaneous.

Myth and Magic : Spells, demons, angels, vampires, werewolves, other. (Episode: Jinx, Spell, Thirst, Hypnotic)

School Daze : While at college, school assignments. (Episodes: Drone, Recruit)

That's Different! - Alien!Clark : Alien differences beyond powers.

All Hail the Conquering Hero : Alien Overlord (Clark or Lex). (Episodes: Exile, Covenant, Commencement, Arrival, Solitude, Vessel, Zod)

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies : Keeping or revealing secrets is major story point.

Touched for the Very First Time : Virgin Clark / Virgin Lex.

Men at Work : Other jobs.

X Marks the Spot : Crossovers with TV, Movies, or Books.

Losing Power : Clark loses one or more powers temporarily or permanently. (Episodes: Leech, Witness, Perry, Whisper, Mortal, Hidden)

Let Me Take Care Of You : Hurt/Comfort.

At The Movies : Movie/TV Remixes.

No Time Like The Present : Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions.

What An Ordeal : Torture Clark / Torture Lex.

Every Breath You Take : Obsession, jealousy, stalking, possessive. (Episodes: Forsaken, Bound)

Let's Pretend : Fake marriage, fake gay, fake straight, fake other.

Two's Company, Three's...A Lot More Fun : Multiple partners.

Darkness, Tears, Rage, Over : Permanent rift, turning to evil, death.

Pardon Me, But Haven't We Met Before? : Reconciliation.

Cream, Two Sugars : Light and Sweet.

Upside Down, Backwards and Totally Confused : Switching bodies, genders, roles, into animals, de-aging. (Episodes: Transference, Leech, Spirit)

Grins and Giggles : Humor.

Always Meant To Be : Longtime relationship.

Somebody Save Me : Rescues.

Daddy's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird : Family and Mpreg.

The Longer The Better : Epics.

Happy Holidays! : Holidays.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car : Driving or in a car is major theme.

Towel Day! : Celebrating Douglas Adams with stories containing very important towels.

President Luthor : Lex as US President is major theme.

No further suggestions on lists, please.

I will not be adding any new lists, but other comments and suggestions are welcome here. Thanks!

Last Update: 02/15/2010

Updates will be noted in comments, set tracking on this entry to receive update information.

For additional CLex Theme Lists see theme_clex_recs!!!

3rd-Jul-2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Updated Red!Clark

Catch You Coming Down by Basingstoke NC-17 (12K)

Clark and Lex reconnect after their summers away.

Feel Everything by seperis NC-17 (12K)

Wide, green-gold eyes and a wet red mouth and a thousand dark promises, all staring back at him, and no one human could say no to that and mean it.

Promise Again by mamajoan NC-17 (8K)

"But Clark..." Still smiling, teasing, coming back out from behind the
desk and returning to where Clark stands, "...if you take my car, who's going to rock my world?"

The Darkling by Chelle aka mmmchelle NC-17 (8K)

Clark gets tired of waiting for Lex to wake up.

The Gift of Red by elandrialore NC-17 (13K)

"Guys like me don't get what we want," he breathed raggedly into Lex's ear as he fumbled with the zipper on Lex's slacks. "We don't get to be the quarterback or date the Homecoming Queen."

Hold That Pose by morganichele NC-17 (16K)

Lex 'convinces' Clark to pose nude for a men's magazine.

After Hours by arianstarr NC-17 (8K)

Lex and Clark exchange their biggest secrets.

Crimson by kitty_fisher NC-17 (20K)

Lex's experiment has some unexpected results.

Imago by velvetglove NC-17 (192K)

Lex learns about Clark's summer in Metropolis.

Rumors and Destiny by peach1250 NC-17 (10K)

Fear of gossip won't keep Lex and Clark apart.

The Red Stays On Your Lips by txtequilanights NC-17 (19K)

Something had happened to Clark. That much was clear. Clark was usually awkward and fumbling and walked like he was trying to blend into the crowd. But not now, now he was giving off so much raw power that the air was practically vibrating and he was walking like he owned the world and everyone in it.

21st-May-2014 01:38 am (UTC)
Thank you for making these lists and for making it so comprehensive. Truly appreciate it!
8th-Jul-2007 04:13 am (UTC)
I know its pretty obsessive of me to mention this. But it is the only thing that bugs me about the list. "To sleep perchance to dream" is Hamlet referring to suicide. It really changes the meaning of the list.
8th-Jul-2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
Noted, but won't be changing. A number of the 'titles' have more than one interpretation, which is why they have blurbs.
11th-Jul-2007 05:17 am (UTC) - Hello *waves*
Wow, great job! I love the lj lay-out and you have a
lot of list's, it must have took a long time to compile
them. I know I just put together some my of favorites
list and it took a very long time.and was very time
consuming and I have a lot bookmarked. And of-
course my sister helps me with the links I can't
find..but still it takes forever.You're my hero cause
this is just amazing,and you write stories too *blinks*
uhh when do you sleep? Lol thanks for the lists.

11th-Jul-2007 12:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Hello *waves*
Thanks, it's still a work in progress. Yes, it's taken months, but it amuses me in-between writing and organizes all the fics I've collected for years. Sleep? It's overated. *grin*
17th-Jul-2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
Updated Baby, It's Cold Outside

Cuddles for a Cold Lex by balinesenoneko PG-13 (8K)

Clark warms up a chilly Lex, not just his body but his heart.

Deep and Crisp and Even by yavannauk PG-13 (10K)

Lex is afraid to venture outside. He's afraid of discovering that the cold winter weather is a lie, because if it is, so is everything else that's happened since he's been back in Smallville.

It's Cold Outside by Bexless PG-13 (12K)

"He's very shiny, dear. Do you polish him?"

My Usual Lie by seperis

PG-13 (23K)

The cold outside matches the cold inside Clark. When did Lex stop looking?

Snowfight by edie22

NC-17 (4K)

Just a little quickie in the snow.

Snow Day by Penemuel PG-13 (12K)

Lex rediscovers the joy of snow with Clark.

Springtime Snow by Shellah aka trinaest NC-17 (4K)

Clark knows just how to warm a depressed Lex up.

18th-Jul-2007 04:11 am (UTC)
Just wanted to say thank you for the many hours of pleasure your recs have given me.

Great collection and great work.
24th-Jul-2007 12:52 am (UTC)
You're very welcome, it's something I really enjoy. :-D
(Deleted comment)
24th-Jul-2007 12:53 am (UTC)
Thanks for letting me know you're enjoying. :-D
29th-Jul-2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
I'm considering shooting you, you know. Out the airlock of a spaceship maybe. *laughs* Well, why? Let's just say I'd sworn I'd never be reading SV fic again... I kept coming across some stuff that just... turned the urge to read way off. Thanks to this list? I've re-read old favorites and some I hadn't read before. Thanks for sharing and putting my old stuff on the lists as well LOL

PS. in your Baby you can drive my car list you've got one of mine listed as being Zahra's -- "Things you just do when you're bored" -- link's fine, leads to the right place.

Again, thank you for lining up some very enjoyable reads.
29th-Jul-2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
So glad I've been able to help entertain you, even if I did drag you back to SV. *grin* I love your stories and they're a great add to the lists, especially when I attribute them correctly. *blushes* Thanks for letting me know so I could fix it. :-D
29th-Jul-2007 08:28 pm (UTC)
http://zgirl714.livejournal.com/177993.html - Hi! I think you wanted to see my recs collection? I have quite a few clex fics in my Smallville list. Enjoy!
1st-Aug-2007 11:34 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For the Very First Time'
A Misplaced Remote by clarkaholic NC-17 (16K)

Clark walks in on Lex watching porn.

A Night At The Movies Series by Beth
Fresh Popcorn and First Date NC-17 (43K)

Movie night with Lana didn't work out, maybe Clark will have better luck with Lex.

Absolut Virgin Lex by Henry Jones Jr. aka sabershadowkat NC-17 (12K)

Lex explains why he's still a virgin.

Acts of Faith by mmmchelle NC-17 (44K)

He had cheated on Helen. Two whole weeks of living together and he'd cheated on her, with a sixteen year old. His best friend. Clark.

Air by C.M. Decarnin NC-17 (24K)

"Interested." Clark's mouth fell open, and Lex smiled, feeling the compliment. "Well, what are the odds? A beautiful farm-boy in love with the girl next door? And a bald guy half again your age with a personality-deficit disorder --"


"-- who's never even been attracted to a -- male before, never mind got any moves."

Air by pearl-o NC-17 (20K)

A night drive in the rain leads to confessions.

Alexander the Great by marag and terpsichore NC-17 (52K)

Clark finds Lex's livejournal.

All the World by hyperfocused PG-13 (12K)

Lex made his so-called desire for Lana feel flimsy as paper. Lex was like no one he'd ever met, more alien than Clark, and Clark couldn't help orbiting him.

All Things Felt by Annie NC-17 (20K)

When pool games turn into something else, it isn't just wooden balls on the table.

Anticlimax by velvetglove NC-17 (40K)

Lex isn't Clark's first, he'll just have to deal with the disappointment.

Awaken by pearl-o NC-17(16K)

Sex ed wasn't really the best preparation for the situation, or for figuring out degrees, but god. Clark was definitely less of a virgin than he'd been yesterday.

Backlit by nifra_idril NC-17 (11K)

He wants to kiss Lex in three million different ways, and do it over and over and over again. He wants Lex to think about him at least every three minutes, and he wants to argue with Lex, a little - just to know that they can yell at one another without everything falling apart.

Brotherhood by rebecca NC-17 (20K)

Clark decides he doesn't want to be Lex's younger brother.

Caught by Kate Lewis NC-17 (20K)

Clark and Lex in a club. Happy Birthday, Clark!

Ceremony of Innocence by rivkat NC-17 (88K)

Exposed in the media, Lex is ready to give up any contact with Clark. Clark has other ideas.

1st-Aug-2007 11:38 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For The Very First Time'
Clark's Folly by glacis NC-17 (28K)

Clark finds Lex enjoying himself in a hot spring. That's not the only thing that's hot.

Closet by swtalmnd NC-17 (10K)

Hiding from Lionel in a closet leads to an interesting discovery.

Components of Love by Henry Jones Jr. aka sabershadowkat PG-13 (88K)

A explosion disrupts plans for Clark's long-awaited eighteenth birthday.

Corruption by Caroline Corken NC-17 (28K)

Lex catches Clark playing with his 'telescope' in the barn. The ending may surprise you.

Declaration and Stardust by sf fan NC-17 (40K)

Clark figures out he's in love and Martha knows who. Now it's a matter of time when it comes to promises made.

Dirty by yavannauk NC-17 (40K)

Lex finds that Smallville has more to offer him than Metropolis ever did.

Early To Rise by Nestra NC-17 (12K)

Lex wasn't in the habit of being up any time before eleven on Sunday mornings, but he clearly needed to reconsider that policy. Clark in the barn. 'Nuff said.

Everybody Knows by Alisanne R (12K)

He glanced at his watch. Two pm. There was still time to make arrangements to leave the country before he embarrassed himself any further.

Face The Music by legion NC-17 (21K)

A surprising morning after when Jonathan confronts the boys.

Falling by yavannauk NC-17 (11K)

Clark visits Lex to make sure he's all right after the incident at the plant. He is.

Fell Down by pearl-o NC-17 (16K)

Lex thinks to himself: This is the closest anyone has ever been to touching Clark.

Fire Ring by nyghtpet NC-17 (29K)

When Lex finds Clark in a Metropolis club, he finds out what he's been missing.

For Keanu by Nymph Du Pave aka sadiethenymph NC-17 (41K)

It was going to be a great night at the movies with Lex until Lana and Chloe showed up. Turns out it still was.

1st-Aug-2007 11:40 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For The Very First Time'
For the Millionth Time and For the First Time by catpower2000 NC-17 (52K)

After Lex looks 'that way' at Clark for the millionth time, things start to happen.

Foreign Relations by Caro R (20K)

But Lex was here for the weekend and Clark wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. However, he'd already committed to the International Club Cultural dinner. He'd been surprised when Lex volunteered to help him with it, claiming a superior knowledge of French cuisine. Of course, he should have known with Lex cooking it wouldn't have been anything simple. Snails...he had snails.

Fund Raiser by edie22 NC-17 (30K)

Clark washing cars all day. Wet Clark. Lex is in for some torture, but it's for a good cause.

Gifts by fajrdrako NC-17 (32K)

“While I was watching ‘Phantom’ I kept wondering who he was. The ghost. I don’t mean in the story, I mean, in my life. At first it seemed obvious. You wear a mask, you come back from death. You’re always arranging things and rearranging things. But it wasn’t you. I’m the ghost. The person with secrets, who can’t reveal his face, the person who doesn’t belong in this world at all.”

Glow by Sepheis NC-17 (16K)

And Lex considers the balance of a lifetime of screw ups. Tries to get his mind in working order. Fails then tries to remember what he ate for dinner.

Golden by pearl-o NC-17 (8K)

A shared seduction during a golden afternoon in a cornfield.

Hephaistion (To Your Alexander) by selfinduced NC-17 (28K)

Clark’s blood was rushing loudly by his ears, almost drowning out Lex’s words, except, it was Lex and for a moment it was easy to believe he was Hephaistion--he always wanted Hephaistion to just do something in those moments alone with Alexander--as he rose to his knees on the edge of the bed and leaned over to just. Press his chip-salted lips over Lex’s still-talking mouth.

I Never by goth_clark NC-17 (13K)

Superman is having a problem with his temper lately.

If At First by reetchick NC-17 (20K)

I'll make a note of that - 'yanking out pubic hair with zipper. Hurts more than bullets, less than meteor rocks.' Warning: Remove all food and drink from vicinity before reading.

In Clark's Mind, Alien Thoughts, Mind on Fire by Lemur NC-17 (94K)

Learning you are an alien can really change your world view, including how you interact with your best friend.

1st-Aug-2007 11:45 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For The Very First Time'
Injustice by averaird NC-17 (94K)

I want to defeat Superman. I don't think defeating Clark Kent, ace reporter, would have the same cachet. Besides, I hate Clark Kent but I don't actually want to kill him."

"But we're the same person!" Superman shook his head in confusion. "That doesn't even make any sense, Luthor."

It made perfect sense to Lex. He owed a great deal of his sanity to his ability to compartmentalise Clark Kent as a completely separate entity to Superman.

Innocence by NC-17 (12K)

A night in the barn when Lex insists.

K-Beach by Bellat NC-17 (16K)

Clark's birthday present leads to a rather unique experience.

La Vie devant Soi by Melo R (16K)

Lex comes to stay after being thrown out of the castle. Barn sex ensues.

Let's Talk About Sex, With Lex by kira-nerys NC-17 (8K)

A dialogue between Clark and Lex turns to sex.

Make No Promises by Leandra NC-17 (32K)

Lex takes Clark to Metropolis to get rid of his troublesome virginity problem.

Marking Territory by kelex NC-17 (28K)

Lex stakes his claim after protecting Clark from a jealous Whitney.

Moon Dance by Aklani NC-17 (56K)

A Halloween party leaves Lex and Clark with their masks removed.

Nine Billion Atoms of Carbon by Basingstoke NC-17 (12K)

"You said to come back when I'm sixteen. I'm sixteen now."

Not A Virgin by Karen Colohan aka yavannauk NC-17 (12K)

"Lex, I just thought you should know," said Clark carefully. "I'm not a virgin any more."

Oh, What A World by Tiffany Rawlins NC-17 (8K)

Clark wants this, he wanted to stumble and fall and shove his face against Lex's cock, he would have asked if he'd had any idea how. He wants this, looks like a beatific apostle hearing chords from on high, and Lex has no idea what peace he's made with the world to deserve the focus of such a fervent convert.

Picture Perfect by signe aka oxoniensis NC-17 (16 K)

"Well, let's face it, Lex, we've been dancing around the idea for long enough. Much as the flirting and a few kisses have been good, and they have, I want more and I know you want more. Or were you planning on me having the dubious distinction of graduating as a virgin?"

Physical Therapy by ximeria NC-17 (26K)

Lex doesn't trust anyone else like he does Clark.

Piece of the Action by Te aka thete1 NC-17 (60K)

Clark meets one of Lex's old friends and sex happens, then it happens again and again. Clark has a lot of sex in one night.

1st-Aug-2007 11:53 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For The Very First Time'
Playground Antics and Playground Antics II by quiet__tiger NC-17 (52K)

Just a quiet night at the playground, with some creative use of equipment.

Restraints by NC-17 (8K)

Lex offers the last of his secrets to Clark.

Rim by kittyfisher NC-17 (8K)

Lex makes Clark's first time memorable.

Selection by morganichele PG-13 (8K)

Lex helps Clark with a difficult selection. There are so many to choose from!

Shiver by Shaman aka lexalicious70 NC-17 (12K)

Teasing leads to tickling leads to...

Simian Groove by Sleeps with Coyotes NC-17 (28K)

Three days with no Lex made the back of his mind itch, thoughts of the man ambushing him from nowhere. Clark is tired of waiting.

Simple Mistakes by morganichele R (12K)

"I could've gotten a 'fuck' from anybody, Lex." Clark thinks he made a mistake, Lex knows he did.

Siren Song by Rushlight NC-17 (24K)

Lex had spent a lot of time imagining this first kiss, but still there was a feeling of novelty to it, of quiet triumph.

Skinned by thamaris NC-17 (54K)

Another mutant attack and Lex is left with secrets to ignore and a Clark that's hard to resist.

Sleeper by and terpsichore NC-17 (104K)

Lana wants Clark, but he's figured out he wants someone else instead, the one he's been watching sleep.

Somewhere in the Night by Shaman aka lexalicious70 R (20K)

Lex helps Clark understand some changes his body is going through.

Spaces by swtalmnd NC-17 (21K)

Clark finds someone to help fill in the in-between spaces.

Special Delivery by swtalmnd NC-17 (14k)

It was a little too much like a bad porno movie, the handsome young delivery boy bent over the kitchen counter, and Lex took an involuntary step forward, hand outstretched.</i> Good call, Lex.

1st-Aug-2007 11:54 pm (UTC) - Updated 'Touched For the Very First Time'
Subtext by Te aka thete1 NC-17 (52K)

Clark takes Lex to the movies. Lex teaches Clark about subtext. Clark demands first-hand experience.

The Art of the Possible by Karen Colohan aka yavannauk NC-17 (52K)

Lex stops by the barn and subtext becomes reality.

The Good Seed by Karen Colohan aka yavannauk NC-17 (23K)

Watching Lex working in the barn gives Clark ideas and the impetus to act on them.

The Laugh of the Stars by Te aka thete1 NC-17 (24K)

Searching for the meaning of dreams, mythology, and making your own legends in a barn.

The Opera Series by toomuchplor NC-17 (46K)

Clark decides he really likes opera, especially the way Lex explains it.

The Real Thing and Cognac and lava Lamps and Lex 101 by Melisande NC-17 (57K)

Clark's roommate helps him realise he is gay. Lex helps, too.

The Temperate TomCat by ingridmatthews R (8K)

Lex tried not to laugh. "Um, Clark? Visiting all the stations but avoiding certain tunnels doesn't mean you've never ridden a train."

Ungay Hideaway and Christmas Present by FlowDi NC-17 (68KK)

Just because Clark is sitting with Lex in the closet doesn't make him gay. The whole being naked and wearing a big green bow on his cock, however...

Uninvited by acampbell R (28K)

Fridays nights were Clark's time with Lex, but then Lex threw a party instead and didn't invite Clark.

Watercolors R (16K)

Lex thought he had seen and done everything until he saw Clark naked.

We Can Work It Out by yavannauk NC-17 (60K)

A school assignment leads to some very specialized on-the-job training for Clark.

Where The Heart Is by mskatej NC-17 (20K)

Lex takes Clark to a club for his eighteenth birthday. Dancing leads to something more.
1st-Aug-2007 11:55 pm (UTC) - Yes, I did add 6 comment pages worth of recs
I added a lot of recs to 'Touched For the Very First Time' and added the blurbs. Happy Reading!
2nd-Aug-2007 09:29 pm (UTC) - yayyyyy!
this is fabulous!!!!
now i can reread all my favorites, and then for the weekends , fully commit to rec classic clex vids :D
since you were so nice to bring back so many great memories!!

PS: congrats again for winning the clexfest :D
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